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Wholesale & Reseller for Dellmont:

RVB reseller system

RVB is designed as reseller system for Dellmont voip programs. First buy RVB credit then transfer it any Dellmont user. You can only transfer whole amounts, with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 100 per transaction. It is independent from dellmont voip programs. You can not make phone calls. It is just for transfer money or generate voucher. If you want to sign up click here.

RVB credit can be recarhed instantly by paypal.

Payment methods:paypal and regular bank transfer (6% discount for bank transfer)
require RVB account for sign up click here

  • €10 euro voip credit = 11 RVB credit = (by paypal)€11.8
  • €20 euro voip credit = 22 RVB credit = (by paypal)€23.4
  • €30 euro voip credit = 33 RVB credit = (by paypal)€34.8
  • €50 euro voip credit = 55 RVB credit = (by paypal)€57.5
  • €100 euro voip credit = 106 RVB credit = (by paypal)€113

Money transfer reseller account

As a Dellmot Top Reseller we can transfer money to regular reseller accounts.
Payment methods:paypal and regular bank transfer (6% discount for bank transfer)

  • €50 = (by paypal)€59
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  • €100 = (by paypal)€116

regular bank transfer or western union

€10 kredi= €11.8

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Payment methods

işbank, Vakıfbank regular bank transfer and western union

Exchange rate

€1 = 3.6784 TL   $1 = 3.4622 TL


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10€credit - €12
20€credit - €24
30€credit - €36
50€credit - €60
100€credit - €115